Saturday, October 15, 2011

3 Types of Graffiti Alphabet

3 Types of Graffiti Alphabet
3 Types of Graffiti Alphabet: Graffiti Bubble Letters

3 Types of Graffiti Alphabet are:
  • Graffiti alphabets
  • Bubble graffiti alphabet
  • Graffiti letter alphabet
How to make graffiti alphabet according to type and cool? Plan in advance when to create graffiti alphabet. Alphabet graffiti design for cool and quick in its execution.
  • Determine the graffiti style.
  • Alphabet graffiti design sketch on paper.
  • Provide equipment. 1. Spray paint color choices. 2. Mask for your health . 3. Place to make a graffiti wall alphabet eg.
When all was ready we live according to spray the existing wall on the sketch design we've created. Good luck with making graffiti alphabet. I hope the example tutorial on graffiti alphabet useful.

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